The Internet Had A Caption Competition For That Photo Of Trump Squinting At The Eclipse, And The Results Are Amazing

Before the eclipse, people were making jokes that Trump is so dumb that he was going to forget everything he’d been told about the Sun, and look right up at it during the eclipse.

It was a great joke. And then it happened.

Trump looked directly into the Sun, risking huge damage to his eyes. It was a total eclipse of the smart. He did it whilst his aides yelled at him not to.

Ever since then, people have been captioning photos of him staring DIRECTLY INTO THE SUN, mocking him for it. Here are some of our favorite captions and reactions to the news that the President of the United States of America doesn’t know you can’t look directly at the Sun, or knows, but doesn’t let that stop him.




All in all, it was pretty embarrassing for Trump/Melania/America/Earth.

Here, cleanse your eyes with a solar pugclipse and a catlipse. That’s better.

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