The best cam girl sites on the internet

You might not have been looking for porn, but odds are, you’ve run into a cam site. A stray pop-up probably appeared on your screen advertising “live girls who want to chat now.” Or maybe you’re one of the millions of people every day who decides to send digital currency to a stranger in exchange for them taking off their T-shirt. 

Camming, like every variety of porn and adult entertainment, features a cornucopia of options. There’s a host of different webcam sites. Some cam girl sites feature a range of models working their way through college, others host porn stars trying to supplement their income or reach their audience on a more personal level. Here’s everything you need to know about cam girls.

Everything you need to know about cam girls

The internet’s first cam girl

In 1996, 19-year-old Jennifer Ringley became the first known cam girl, though that term wouldn’t be coined for many years, with the launch of her website, JenniCam. Part journal, part erotica, and part performance art, JenniCam uploaded a new picture from Ringley’s webcam every three minutes. Ringley left the camera running whether she was sleeping, studying, getting dressed, masturbating, or having sex. At the height of the site’s success, Ringley received over 100 million visitors a week.

Screengrab via YouTube

Jenni Ringley on Letterman’s Late Show in 1998.

While the project was initially free, Ringley later charged $15 for an annual subscription. It’s important to note that while sex certainly happened on JenniCam, it wasn’t the project’s focus. She spent far more time talking about her romantic life than walking around naked, choosing instead to interact with her fans instead of putting on a show. As Ringley started to attract mainstream attention, appearing on TV shows like Late Night with David Letterman, other cam sites like LiveJasmin launched in 2001 while MyFreeCamSite debuted in 2004.

Who are cam girls?

Modern cam sites don’t center around just one model, but hundreds of thousands of “cam girls.” Anyone with a webcam and the courage to take their clothes off can profit. And thanks to the advent of streaming services like Twitch, now you can cam, earn, and keep your clothes on.

Camgirls put on shows, making tips from users for doing anything from smiling to full-on sex shows either solo or with a partner (or partners). The limits of what you can stream are usually left to your imagination—and the rules of the site you steam on. 

Screengrab via Miah Calix/YouTube

Miah Calix regularly talks about a day in the life of a cam girl on her YouTube channel.

Cam shows take many forms. Some models interact with their fans on sites like Reddit, holding discussions about games or TV shows they mutually love. Others play games, from spinning a wheel to determine what they’ll do next on camera or tie their viewer’s tips to the strength of the vibrator they’re using. Others just offer pure sex shows.

If you don’t immediately find someone who meets your personal needs, keep looking. Odds are, there’s always someone out there who matches your taste. If you’re into kinks or niche porn, or have always dreamed of a sexy chat with someone who’s into Doctor Who, cam sites are your best bet.


How much does a cam girl make?

Camming is more profitable now than ever. Models make their income through tips and auxiliary sales of clips, underwear, merch, and access to their Snapchat. Users purchase tokens to use as currency on most sites, and shows won’t start until someone offers up coins. Some models set goals, losing their top when the room has collectively tipped 200 tokens or making new goals for different acts. Payments vary on each site, from flat rates like $0.05 per token or models taking 70 percent of the revenue generated during their shows.

Photo via CamSoda/Facebook

Tipping isn’t required to watch, but models will often take their show offline or start a private show for people who are tipping if their chatroom is full of cheap gawkers. A person is taking off their clothes and performing sex acts for you. Don’t be a jerk. Tip cam models. 

The best sites for cam girls

When camming started, shows were mostly heteronormative and predominantly white. But the self-made nature of camming has led to more diversity in porn, an industry that was for so long focused on one body type. Today, many sites have diversified, offering separate sections for women, men, couples, and LGBTQ porn. Here are some of the best cam sites, no matter what you’re into.

1) CamSoda

Camsoda has built a reputation for gimmicks thanks to projects like Language Lessons, a combination strip show/tutoring session, or LifeStream, a 24/7 cam model experience. Hell, CamSoda even experimented with letting viewers smell the scenes as you watch. Though it has a William Castle-like knack for marketing, CamSoda seems to care about pushing the industry forward. Experiments like the OCast, which lets users simulate oral sex via a smartphone app, are odd but creative attempts to bring something new to the industry. Whatever you’re looking for, CamSoda has cam models across the spectrum. Something has to pay the bills while they figure out how to have a cam girl appear in your room via 3D hologram. Yes, CamSoda is working on that too.

2) CamDudes

The camming world is full of sites that feature male and female models, but there aren’t a ton of sites that focus solely on men. CamDudes has an easy-to-understand interface with a large selection of models doing everything from sex shows to casual chats. Categories include standard straight, gay, bi, and transgender, while more specific subcategories are available if you want someone hairy or uncircumcised.

Screengrab via Steve Rickz/YouTube


3) My Free Cams

Founded in 2002, MyFreeCams is one of the oldest live cam sites around. They have thousands of models around the world, so no matter what time of day you log on someone will be working. Name recognition has helped the company, leading to a steady stream of new models alongside experienced veterans.

Photo via MyFreeCam

4) Chaturbate

Of all the sites on this list, Chaturbate often features the most amateurs. While some of their models have built a large and loyal following, there are always new people joining to try their hand at camming. Models of all shapes, colors, and identities have a space on Chaturbate, and the number of genuine, average couples that show up to cam is strangely heartwarming.

  Photo via Cherry Crush/Flickr/Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY-SA)

5) My Fetish Live

There are areas traditional cam models don’t tend to explore, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t places to explore them. My Fetish Live is an open playground for your every fantasy and probably a few you haven’t thought of before. How many? Here’s a quick look.

Photo via My Fetish Live

Editor’s note: This article is regularly updated for relevance. 

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