Pretentious Foodie New Mom Doesnt Understand Why Kids Menus Exist, So Parents Hilariously Explain It To Her

scarymommy) A new mom who’s also a “pretentious foodie” publicly declared her precious one won’t be eating from kid’s menus Emily Burnett (not the actual photo) So tempered parents from all over the internet started hilariously bringing her back to reality quiddle (not the actual photo) Almost finished… To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you. Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific

13 Times Artists On Tumblr Were The Best Thing That Happened To The Internet

Tumblr has a strong following among artsy types, meaning you never know when you are about to be ambushed by something cool. Below is a list of times when Tumblr users surprised everyone with their creativity, and we think you’ll agree that they make the internet a much better place! Scroll down below to see them for yourself, and vote for your faves! Dorkly 1. japhers 2. marcosclopezblog 3. elanorpam 4. Image credits: Image credits: Image credits: Image credits: Image credits: festivebamboowacker 10. mallory62 11. Image credits: Image credits: Image credits:

A Petition To Sell Montana To Canada For 1 Trillion Dollars Is Gaining Attention With Hilarious Comments

Although it’s no secret that petitions can have the power to change the world (or someone’s life), most of us can’t help but shrug and scoff when we see someone share a rally for signatures on their social media. It’s mostly because the thousands of petitions circulating around usually have causes that are either ridiculous or don’t inspire people enough to move their fingers across the keyboard to sign it. And while examples like Caroline Criado-Perez’s banknote petition or the infamous Californian Recall Election Of 2003 exist, it’s no surprise that some appeals are created not to change the status quo, but to have a good laugh. One of such petitions created on is titled “Sell Montana to Canada …

People Post Heartwarming Tributes To NASAs Rover Opportunity Which Stopped Working After 15 Years On Mars

Unfortunately, all good things eventually come to an end, as Nelly Furtado famously declared. Today we say goodbye to one of the biggest leaps in human history. We bid a farewell to NASA’s Opportunity rover, abandoned and alone around 140 million miles (225 million kilometers) away from our planet. Image credits: Image credits: Image credits: Image credits: Image credits: Image credits: Image credits: Image credits: Image credits: Image credits: NPR and put together a thread that I hoped would resonate with people who might have similar feelings as me about this extraordinary robot” Jacob elaborated on why he started the tweet series. JacobMargolis JacobMargolis JacobMargolis JacobMargolis JacobMargolis JacobMargolis As of June, 2018, Opportunity has traveled 45.16 kilometers (28.06 miles), took over 217,000 images, examined …

Mexican Enterprise Presents Simple, But Genius Sand Blinds

From now on you’ll be able to announce that the sands of time are running out without sounding too dramatic. And that is thanks to Mexican architecture company Álvaro Ramírez + Arquitectos. The people behind the idea of this creation might be fans of board games, Alias, in particular, since the idea of his design is based on an hourglass. Despite how closer-to-nature it looks and all the meditational vibes it creates, the final result was questioned by observant internet users. Check it out, would you want to have something like it in your place? Image credits:

Puma Rescued From A Contact-Type Zoo Cant Be Released Into The Wild, Lives As A Spoiled House Cat

l_am_puma Messi was one of three cubs born at the zoo. The other two, Suarez and Neymar, were also named after famous players to celebrate the Russian city hosting four matches of the World Cup. The cub was sold to the Saransk Zoo when he was three months old and suffered from health problems. Enamored with the sickly animal the Dmitriev’s appealed to the zoo and asked if they could buy him. l_am_puma l_am_puma According to his wife Mariya, Aleksandr, 38, had always dreamed of owning a big cat, “He always thought about having a lynx – never a puma. It’s hard to explain but we believe that having this puma is part of our destiny.” l_am_puma “We had three …