Jim Beams version of Alexa will pour you a shot of bourbon

Jim Beam now has its own personal assistant with one killer feature found on no other robot: the ability to dispense booze at your command. Jim, the world’s first (and probably last) smart decanter, will pour shots for you—and all you need to do is tell it a simple voice command.

Just don’t expect the personal assistant to replace your Echo or Invoke; pouring alcohol is just about all the smart decanter is good for (which is fine by us). While it does appear to have some built-in voice controls, Jim isn’t much smarter than those talking pull-string toys.

Ask it the best way to drink bourbon and it’ll reply in a convincing Southern accent, “Any damn way you please.” Ask it what the weather is like—a staple feature of other personal assistants—and it’ll find a way to reference alcohol: “I have no idea, but I do know it’s the perfect weather to enjoy bourbon.”

It’s the voice command “Jim, pour me a drink” that gets to the core of what this marketing stunt is all about. Without saying another cringeworthy one-liner, Jim will dispense the perfect shot into a glass sitting underneath its spout.

Oddly, Jim uses a 3G connection which Jim Beam says will be deactivated six months after the product is released. That means you have half a year with Jim before it becomes an ordinary decanter.

Priced at $35 (whiskey sold separately), the decanter will go on sale on Dec. 15. Sadly, it appears this party gimmick, and admittedly decent holiday joke gift, already sold out during the presale.

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