His Hair Looks Normal At First, But Watch What Happens When He Uses A Hairdryer

Many years ago while on a beach trip with my parents, we discovered this little shop that sold color-changing T-shirts.

It was such a unique concept at the time that of course I had to stock up on them. The clothing worked in a similar manner to mood rings, but instead of changing color depending on your mood, the T-shirts would transform from black and white to fully colored designs out in the sun and in different temperatures.

But the latest take on temperature-changing pigments is completely wild.

Hair dye brand Pravana just launched a new line of products under the name Vivids Mood Color. Check out the new product in this just-released promotional clip:

Instead of being an actual dye, it’s a temporary overlay that changes color depending on the heat level of your surrounding environment or the styling tools you’re using.

With Vivids Mood Color, the possibilities are endless. Pravana’s product development manager, Lissette Cruz, emphasized the point saying, “What makes it unique is that it’s the first-ever heat reactive color on the market. It happens so fast, with so many different heat sources.”

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