Deadpool isn’t looking too lucky in the latest photo from his sequel

Domino, in the comics.
Image: Marvel Comics

Domino is slaying in the latest photo from Deadpool 2. Literally.

Ryan Reynolds has just shared our first look at Zazie Beetz (FX’s Atlanta) in character, and she’s working the hell out of a “red carpet” that happens to be Deadpool himself.

Take a look …

Domino’s mutant power is, essentially, that she’s extremely lucky. It’s just too bad for Deadpool that her good fortune seems to come at the cost of his. (Of course, his own power of accelerated healing means that he can bounce back from just about anything, so he’s probably going to be just fine.)

Her Deadpool 2 promo image is a callback to Deadpool’s own glamour shot from the marketing campaign for the first film.

As for how Beetz’ Domino compares to her comic book counterpart, it looks like the costume and makeup team have come up with a clever reversal. In the books, she’s a (literally) white person with a black spot over her eye; in the film, she’s a black person with a white spot over her eye.

In both versions, she and Deadpool tend to tangle.

Feel free to imagine this panel is a prequel to the Deadpool 2 Domino photo.

Image: Marvel Comics

Domino (and the rest of Deadpool 2) will land in theaters June 1, 2018.

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