Meghan McCain Is The Mother Of Spoilers With ‘Game Of Thrones’ Bombshell

Game of Thrones” below. Meghan McCain has apologized for revealing a gigantic plot point from “The View.” Check out the clip above. “I’m sorry but it’s all over the internet,” McCain responded. “You would have found out one way or another.” McCain later apologized on Twitter for dropping the bombshell. Download

Someone Claims All Women Have A Freckle In The Middle Of Their Wrists, And People Start Freaking Out (23 Pics)

To prove her theory she asked the rest of the internet about her hypothesis and the proof started rolling in. The ‘freckle challenge’ has since gone viral. Another user Cstar added to the freckle mystery tweeting, ‘Every girl has a freckle on their right wrist and or left boob.’ The question now remains, what is on your wrist? Twitter user Aaryn Whitely has gone viral for her claim that every woman has the same freckle in the center of their wrist …