Marco Rubio willing to speak for Trump at Republican convention if asked


The former GOP candidate said he wants to be helpful in securing presidency for Republicans amid calls for Rubio to seek re-election for Florida senate seat Marco Rubio has signaled a thaw in his attitude to Donald Trump, saying that if asked he will speak on behalf of dropped out of the presidential race in March, after losing his home state to Trump, told CNN he planned to attend the Republican convention and would be willing to help the nominee despite differences on policy and the brutal echoes of a primary in which, responding to the billionaires taunts, Rubio called Trump a to the Guardian the day before he left the race, he said Trump was an embarrassment for whom the Republican party would pay a big price in November and beyond. You have all kinds of people that are lifelong conservatives, or at least claim to be, who dont seem to care that Donald Trump has never been and is not now a conservative on principles, Rubio said in that interview, on the eve of the 15 March Florida primary. And theyve staked their reputation on their support of him. To CNN, Rubio also said he would release the 167 delegates he secured in winning the Minnesota, Puerto Rico and District of Columbia primaries. But he again ruled out any interest in serving as Trumps running mate. He won the nomination and he deserves to have a running mate that more fully embraces some of the things he stands for, Rubio said. Later in the day, the senator explained to Florida reporters that Trump was substantially better than Clinton and he would vote for him. The one other choice is someone who I believe is corrupt, Rubio said, according to the

Idaho teenager sues school district over alleged locker-room rape


Three teens have been charged over the attack, which took place after one of the victims teammates pretended to give him a hug, lawsuit says A black teenager who prosecutors say was sexually assaulted by three white football players in the locker room of a Idaho high school has sued the school district, alleging the rape was the culmination of months of racist taunts and physical abuse. The federal lawsuit filed on 13 May says the school failed to prevent bullying and attacks despite many incidents happening in front of football coaches and other officials at Dietrich High School, which serves a rural town of 330 people that is predominantly white and known for being religious. The deliberate indifference and negligent actions of these defendants exposed the plaintiff to harm from fellow students, including at least one student known to have a history of aggressive, bullying and violent behavior, the lawsuit says. School officials declined to comment. Three teens have been charged in the 23 October attack, which took place after one of the victims football teammates pretended to give him a hug, according to the lawsuit. Instead, the teen held him down so another student could assault him with a clothes hanger. Despite his screams, no staff members came into the locker room to investigate what was going on, the lawsuit says. It contends that the school had no policy for monitoring locker rooms. An 18-year-old and 17-year-old have been charged with felonies in adult court, and a third teen is charged as a juvenile. Idaho law mandates that juveniles ages 14 to 18 accused of certain felony crimes on or near school campuses be charged as adults. That includes the sex assault charge. The Associated Press typically does not name victims of sexual assault or juveniles who have been charged with crimes. Source article at => Recommended Product FeedKickstart Mastermind Reseller version of KickstartAffiliate Traffic Masterclass OTO 1 List Magnet (Single) Generate more email subscribers from any blog by grabbing visitors attention just as they are about to leave your site with easy to create Professional optin offers…RunAWebinar – Webinar Alpha Discount – Yearly RunAWebinar – Live Platform

Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles tabbed to host Super Bowls in 2019, 2020, 2021


NFL names Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles as host cities for Super Bowls following 2018, 2019 and 2020 seasons If you spend billions of dollars to build it, they will come. Three times over. The NFL awarded Super Bowls to Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles, three cities that made significant financial investments in new stadiums or recently upgraded an existing one. Atlanta will host the game in 2019, followed by Miami (2020) and Los Angeles (2021), it was announced Tuesday at the NFL owners meetings. I think if they find guys like me that are willing to do it, I think they want to show them that it is worthwhile, Rams owner Stan Kroenke said. Atlanta will host its third Super Bowl, but the first at its new $1.4bn stadium which opens in 2017. The previous two were at the Georgia Dome. Miami will have its record-setting 11th Super Bowl following a $450m stadium renovation. Los Angeles, which gets the relocated Rams this season, has not had a Super Bowl in the area since 1993 in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. The game will be played at the new $2.6bn stadium in Inglewood, California, which opens in 2019. Tampa Bay and New Orleans were also in the running to host a Super Bowl. The selection of Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles maintains the recent cycle of the leagues owners rewarding cities that have built new stadiums or renovated existing facilities with the lucrative financial reward of hosting aSuper Bowl in return. Last years Super Bowl was played in Santa Clara, California, after the 49ers built a stadium. Minneapolis will host a Super Bowl in 2018 with a new stadium that opens this season. New York-New Jersey, Indianapolis, Dallas and Detroit all received Super Bowl bids in the past after spending millions on new stadiums. It shows that the communities and the owners who are willing to make these investments and stick their necks out, if you will, that it is worthwhile and they believe in them long term, Kroenke said. Atlanta will host its first Super Bowl since 2000, when an untimely ice storm in the Southeast crippled festivities by forcing cancellation of some hospitality events and making travel treacherous. Atlanta subsequently lost bids to host the game in 2009 and 2010, with some owners saying at the time the ice storm was one of the reasons. But Falcons owner Continue reading Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles tabbed to host Super Bowls in 2019, 2020, 2021

Toyota and Volkswagen invest in ride-hailing apps: ‘the future of mobility’


Toyota announced partnership with Uber as Volkswagen puts $300m into Tel Aviv-based app Gett, in move that could pave way for apps to use self-driving cars Two major car companies announced on Tuesday investments in ride-hailing apps, signaling both a growing role for on-demand cars and a new groundwork for app-enabled self-driving fleets. Toyota will be investing and partnering with Uber, and Volkswagen is putting $300m into Tel Aviv-based ride-sharing app called Gett. In January, General Motors, a longtime Toyota rival, announced that it was putting $500m into Lyft, Ubers most direct competitor. Ride-sharing has huge potential in terms of shaping the future of mobility, said Shigeki Tomoyama, senior managing officer of Toyota Motor Corporation and president of the Connected Company, a new group within Toyota. Through this collaboration with Uber, we would like to explore new ways of delivering secure, convenient and attractive mobility services to customers. In their statement, Toyota emphasized new leasing options specifically for Uber drivers, but made it clear that there would be deeper collaboration going forward. Were excited that Toyota, the largest automobile manufacturer in the world, is making a strategic investment in Uber as part of a broader global partnership, Emil Michael, chief business officer of Uber said in a statement. Toyota vehicles are among the most popular cars on the Uber platform worldwide and we look forward to collaborating with Toyota in multiple ways going forward, starting with the expansion of our vehicle financing efforts. If self-driving cars are the future, as many experts think, and if car ownership continues to decline, manufacturers will want to control the new means of distribution: ride-hailing apps. Thus, every major car company will want to align itself with an app. As Ubers CEO, Travis Kalanick, said: You basically bring the cost [of Uber] below the cost of ownership for everybody, and then car ownership goes away. Source article at => Recommended Product FeedDomain Affiliate Engine Domain Affiliate Engine is a WordPress plugin that lets users place a domain name checker/generator on any WordPress page or post. You can then make affiliate commissions from domain registrations.Onesoci – Campaigns – Yearly Onesoci – Campaigns – YearlyMario Brown’s Commission Evolution Upgrade 1 Commission Evolution Developer’s LicensePR Powershot Aged and Pageranked Domain Hunter PR Powershot. Aged and Page ranked domain analysis tool. Buying High PR Domains, made easy!

‘Tomato Ebola’ hits Nigeria as moths destroy country’s staple food


Government declared a state of emergency after moths destroyed swaths of tomato fields, forcing factories to close and driving prices up astronomically A state government in northern Nigeria has declared a state of emergency after moths destroyed swaths of tomato fields, threatening supplies of the countrys leading staple food. Nigerian farmers describe the outbreak as tomato Ebola after the deadly disease that devastated west Africa in 2014. The news from Kaduna state saw Nigerians voice fears on social media they would not be able to make jollof rice a beloved national dish made with tomato paste because of the scarcity. Tomato prices have shot up as a result of the moth Tuta absoluta, adding to existing hardships from a 67% rise in the price of petrol and soaring inflation in Africas largest economy. We have declared a state of emergency over the outbreak of a moth that has destroyed over 80% of tomato farms in the state, the Kaduna state agriculture commissioner, Manzo Daniel, told AFP. The tomato shortage caused by the outbreak has caused prices to go up astronomically, he added. A wholesale basket containing hundreds of tomatoes now sells for 42,000 naira ($212), up from 300 ($1.50) to 1,500 naira ($7.50) before the outbreak, he said. This is only the beginning of a disaster if we dont take drastic measures because the disease is fast spreading across the north, he warned. More than 200 tomato farmers in the region have already suffered losses of more than 1bn naira ($5.02m) from the disease, he said. Experts have been sent to Kenya to develop a strategy to combat the brown moth, which lays eggs on tomato plants and develops into a hungry caterpillar that feeds on the leaves, stems and fruit. More than 90% of 17,000 hectares (42,000 acres) of tomato fields outside the northern city of Kano have been destroyed by the insect, according to the states agriculture officials. A $200m tomato processing factory built by Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote has been forced to shut down because of the shortfall in supply, its managing director, Abdulkareem Kaita, said. Tuta absoluta, which originated in South America and spread to Europe and Africa, quickly develops resistance to pesticides, making it difficult to contain. Source article at => Recommended Product FeedProject Supremacy – Coaching 3X pay LaunchShark SharkClub Attention All OptimizePress Users… LaunchShark SharkClub Monthly High Converting Launch Pages Like You’ve Continue reading ‘Tomato Ebola’ hits Nigeria as moths destroy country’s staple food

Vice Media lays off 20 staff in restructuring plans


Two foreign correspondents, three writers in London and 15 staff members in US to leave positions in company Vice Media has laid off about 20 staff based in the US, London and in two foreign correspondent positions as part of restructuring plans. It comes as Josh Tyrangiel, a former Bloomberg journalist who was hired last year to oversee the development of a nightly programme to be aired on HBO, is being promoted to oversee the companys news division. The lay-offs came to public attention on Tuesday after a Vice News foreign correspondent, Harriet Salem, said on Twitter that she and another foreign correspondent were losing their jobs, as well as the London editorial team. Harriet Salem (@HarrietSalem) May 24, 2016 All of UK @vicenews editorial team, plus the only two foreign correspondents laid off just now (including me). Massive US layoffs too. #vice It is understood, however, that the bulk of the Vice News operation in the UK, which comprises 18 people working in video production and other roles, will remain intact. In addition to the two foreign correspondents, the cuts involve the departure of three staff in London and 15 staff members in the US. Tyrangiel is in the process of implementing plans to unify all of Vices various news divisions, according to a source familiar with the matter. They expected this to result in the hiring of new staff, alongside plans to open offices in Hong Kong and San Francisco in the coming months. A senior figure to lead the UK team would be announced in the coming months, the same source confirmed. The developments come after Vices UK arm rejected a push for union recognition by a group of staff, bucking a growing trend that has seen unionisation at digital media businesses including at the outlets main base in the US. At a meeting in London last month, Vice UK staff were told that the National Union of Journalists would not be recognised but staff were offered the chance to set up an internal staff council. A Vice UK worker, who was involved in the unionisation move, said: These redundancies are shocking and an insult to the multi-award winning workers who have put so much into making Vice News a success. The total lack of transparency and consultation also raises serious questions about the companys recent pretence at staff engagement, while failing to recognise the desire of Continue reading Vice Media lays off 20 staff in restructuring plans

Air pollution could increase risk of stillbirth, study suggests


Exposure to vehicular and industrial emissions heightens risk during pregnancy, researchers say Exposure to air pollution may increase the risk of stillbirth, new research suggests. Stillbirths, classed as such if a baby is born dead after 24 weeks of pregnancy, occur in one in every 200 births. Around 11 babies are stillborn every day in the UK, with aproximately 3,600 cases a year. Researchers have called for tighter curbs on car exhausts and industrial waste emissions to reduce the risk of air pollutants after their research concluded that exposure to ambient air pollution heightens the risk of stillbirth. Following a review of 13 studies on the subject, published in the journal Occupational & Environmental Medicine, the researchers found the risk was particularly heightened during the third trimester of pregnancy. Our results provide suggestive evidence that ambient air pollution is a risk factor for stillbirth, they wrote. Pregnant women should be aware of the potential adverse effects of ambient air pollution, although the prevention against exposure to air pollutants generally requires more action by the government than by the individual. They added: Policies such as control of vehicular emissions, fuel quality improvement and control of industrial waste emissions should be developed and implemented to reduce the risk of air pollutants. The air pollutants linked to a heightened risk included: small particulate matter of less than 2.5 microns in diameter (PM2.5), PM10, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and ozone. But they stressed that further research is needed to strengthen the evidence. In a linked editorial, Dr Marie Pedersen, of the Centre for Epidemiology and Screening at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, wrote: Stillbirth is one of the most neglected tragedies in global health today, and the existing evidence deserves additional investigation. If the evidence of an association between ambient air pollution and stillbirth is confirmed in future studies, it would be of major public health importance. Although the reported summary effect estimates were relatively small, the ubiquitous nature of ambient air pollution exposure suggests that exposure to ambient air pollution may have a large population-attributable risk for stillbirth. Further studies with better measures of air pollution, potential confounders and effect modifiers, are highly recommended to confirm or refute that exposure to ambient air pollution triggers stillbirth. Source article at => Recommended Product FeedAudience Explosion for Instagram – Advanced Content Creation + Instagram Videos Training Ezine Wholesaler – Gold Membership (Monthly) Continue reading Air pollution could increase risk of stillbirth, study suggests

Parents of young boy who fatally shot six-year-old must pay nearly $600,000


Anthony Senatore admitted to keeping a loaded rifle unlocked in his bedroom, where his four-year-old took it and shot a neighbor once in the head The parents of a New Jersey boy who was four years old when he fatally shot a six-year-old neighbor have been ordered to pay nearly $600,000 to the slain youths family. Anthony and Melissa Senatore will also have to pay punitive damages to Brandon Holts parents under the ruling issued on Monday. But that amount has not been determined. Anthony Senatore has admitted to keeping a loaded .22-caliber rifle unlocked in his bedroom, where his son found it in April 2013. The boy took it outside and shot Brandon Holt once in the head. Senatore received a three-year prison term last year after he pleaded guilty to child endangerment. The rulings came in a wrongful death suit brought by Holts family. The Senatores were ordered to pay $572,588. Source article at => Recommended Product Feed[Wordpress] Affiliate PDF Dispenser Quality software product from Amazing Marketing Center and AX Gold Software.vooPlayer Gold The #1 Cloud-Based Video Marketing Software That Includes ALL The Features Your Current Video Player Is Missing So You Can Generate 2, 3 (Even 4x) More Viral Traffic, Leads And Sales!P1 Video Spider Plugin Enterprise License ReClick PRO

Clinton attacks Trump at SEIU rally: we don’t need a ‘bully in the pulpit’


Clinton also criticized Trump economics during event in Detroit with Service Employees International Union, which has endorsed the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton launched a no-holds-barred attack on her likely general election opponent, Donald Trump, in a speech laced with explicit warnings about the dangers of electing him to the presidency. The former US secretary of state returned to Detroit on Monday to address the Service Employees International Unions international convention and ask its 2.1 million workers for help in defeating Trump. Trump economics is a recipe for lower wages, fewer jobs, more debt. He could bankrupt America like he has bankrupted his companies, she told a crowd of roughly 3,000 members, all wearing their purple union shirts. The SEIU has endorsed Clinton for president. She paused, smiled and threw a punch: I mean ask yourself how can anybody lose money running a casino? Really? For the first time, polls suggest Trump may have edged just slightly ahead of Clinton, setting up a battle royal between two historically unlikable candidates. Clintons fighting words in the Motor City envisage a general election battle in which Michigan and the Rust Belt states are very much unsettled. Trump demonstrated his strength with working-class white voters with a sweeping victory in the state in March, while Clinton narrowly lost to Sanders in one of the biggest upsets of the election, thanks in part to her vulnerabilities with the same bloc of voters. In her speech, Clinton thanked her Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders, for challenging the party to fight harder to get big money out of politics and reign in Wall Street. Sanders has vowed to continue his now-improbable quest for the nomination despite pressure from party leaders for him to drop out and help unite the party behind Clinton. Last week, Clinton sharpened her attack on Trump when she called him unqualified for the presidency. On Monday, she told union members: The only thing standing between Donald Trump and the Oval Office is all of us. She added: We need a president who will use the bully pulpit to stand up for working families. But the last thing we need is a bully in the pulpit. Clinton continued in that vein, pummeling her opponent for his economic vision and immigration policies, especially his plan to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. What kind of country would we be if we let Donald Trump rip our families Continue reading Clinton attacks Trump at SEIU rally: we don’t need a ‘bully in the pulpit’

Five people die in Hawaii plane crash on skydiving trip, officials say


Small skydiving plane believed to have pilot, two instructors and two tandem jumpers on board said to have crashed outside Kauais Port Allen airport Five people died in a fiery plane crash on Kauai Monday morning, officials said. The small plane crashed about 9.30am during a skydiving tour just outside Port Allen airport, the Kauai fire department said in a statement. The pilot, two skydiving instructors and two tandem jumpers were believed to be in the plane. Four of them were pronounced dead at the scene and one man was taken to Wilcox hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The National Transportation Safety Board will work with officials to determine the cause of the crash. The Federal Aviation Administration will investigate. FAA spokesman Ian Gregor initially said it was a single-engine plane made from a kit. However, he later said he received wrong information. Details about the plane involved in the crash werent immediately available. Officials asked the public to avoid the area. Source article at => Recommended Product FeedUltimate Motion Resources – OTO2 Webinar Series Ultimate Motion Resources OTO2 Webinar SeriesContent Nitrous BRONZE 2 (Menu and Drip Plugins) Bullet Viral Traffic – Special Offer Bullet Viral Traffic is a WordPress plugin that curates viral content and posts to both your web site and social media. This brings social users to your site and site users to your social.DFY Member Done For You Membership Sites, Instantly Add Multiple Streams Of Recurring Income To Your Online Business By Giving Great (Done For You) Content Away!